The Bigger Picture

Thought is Energy.
Emotions Fuel Thought.
(E)motion = Energy In Motion.
Thought + Intention + Emotion = Thought With Design in Mind. 


Around the world there is a greater and greater feeling of unrest.  There appears to be a crisis on what many refer to as the most beautiful planet in this quadrant of the galaxy…EARTH. There are implications of far-reaching disturbances on many levels. Our perceptions, consciousness, way of being and how we view ourselves must be moved to a higher vibration… individually, collectively and within the planetary consciousness itself.

The planetary consciousness is indeed shifting but more creative energy potentiality is required to insure success of the upcoming shift of this planet and all of her inhabitants to manifest a state of balance and harmony. Clearly, we are at a pivotal point in the evolutionary path of mankind, the Earth and all that live in and upon her. The fact is that at this time, critical mass has not been achieved for upliftment as a whole. We are one, and YOU are essential to this process. There must be an emotional desire to provide the fuel for the movement or change of energy from thought into expression.

Can a new Earth emerge out of chaos? Yes it can! At this time on the planet, indicators are that we are in chaos…that is the good news!!! It is a great deal easier to create change from chaos than it is to bring it about within a stable, static environment.

We as a species have been manipulated with fear and thus overcome by adversarial orchestration of our emotions. Fear almost always relates to future events, such as worsening of a situation, or continuation of a situation that is unacceptable. Fear can also be an instant reaction to something presently happening. It is counterproductive!

Human beings have a wide range of emotions. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions, it spreads quickly, is a low vibration, creates density in one’s energy field, and brings about a state of imbalance that is not in harmony with growth and evolution. The programming that influences us is not congruent with the natural order, or principles of creation of the Universe. Indeed, the level of critical mass must be achieved through love in order to empower humanity to shift into a new paradigm. Achieving the required critical mass level through love is mathematically far less than the required critical mass needed by the adversarial efforts to disallow or interfere with our evolution. Love is key. Where love (a.k.a. light) persists, darkness ceases to exist. Those who embody the seeds of Truth know change must occur in order to support healing and bring forth balance and harmony, resulting in peace. A sense of urgency and purpose is at hand.

Metaphorically, when artists do not like something created on the canvas they paint over it. The resulting artwork is not an alteration of what it was, it becomes NEW!… Different!.. Improved! An artist typically does not attempt to alter the picture they do not like. Indeed the artist starts the creative process over, not trying or struggling to change what is on the canvas, they start over by painting right on top of that which did not bring them joy. Too simple? It is this simple! And this is how it works: focus and manifest. The only limit is your imagination. Imagination is the entrance into the “mind of god”, therefore there are no is limits!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi, Persian poet and theologian

Time and again, when disaster has hit anywhere in the world, the chips are down and we are in the midst of something big, human being’s rise above their own situations, our humanity kicks in and what we accomplish together is unstoppable. But in time, we seem to forget all about what has happened and ultimately sink back into our own small material world. Let’s stick together and be there for one another on an ongoing basis; together we will accomplish a new vision for the world we share.

Now is the time to awaken to your purpose and responsibility to literally create a solution, a vision of the world as you wish it to be. Love connecting and interacting with love shall bring changes beyond your imagining abilities. Become active in creating the critical mass through Love for it is the key. There is hope! You are essential in this process. The magnitude of this preponderance of positive energy will also bring about the same shift in Planetary consciousness and the Planet itself shall have a like experience.