Universal Principles

What are Universal Principles?

You can think of these principles as “universal laws”, “cosmic laws” or “energy laws” because the Universe is comprised of energy and that is how we relate to it and it relates to us  through vibration.    A universal principle (or law) is intended to describe certain ways in which the Universe works.  This should give you a better understanding of the way things are.  These laws affect you whether you are aware of them or not.   Just like gravity, you may not understand it but that does not change the effect it has on you.  The same holds true for Universal Laws.  Once you understand them you can control what you are experiencing in your life and how you relate energetically (vibrational) with all life in and upon Planet Earth, and consciousness itself.  Ultimately you have to take responsibility for the outcome of your vibrational output.


Free Will:  Awareness – Application – Action

Free Will is a gift and our birthright.  Ponder this!  We have the power to willfully choose how we think, feel and act; thereby creating and manifesting how the Universe interacts with us.  We should not take this lightly.  This gift comes with responsibility.  Each individual has the personal responsibility to use freedom of will and creative potential wisely and unselfishly.   Using power wisely has a foundation of fully understanding that action, and non-action, not only affect those connected to any given situation or relationship but in fact create a ripple effect creating far-reaching harmony and balance or disturbances in the field of inner-connectivity of all life.  Positivity is light, negativity is density.