The Law(s) of Attraction

Everything is vibration.

The Law(s) of Attraction

Law (Principle) of Attraction

Law (Principle) of Deliberate Creation

Law (Principle) of Allowing



Law of Attraction:

Whatever we focus our thoughts upon will be drawn into our experience. Whether you are focused on your desire or the lack of your desire the principal states “like attracts like”. That which you are putting your attention upon will be drawn into your experience. Like all laws, it is immutable, impartial, impersonal, and will attract either the manifestation of your desire or the opposite because that is what your attention was on.

Emotions and feelings are powerful amplifiers to thought. Where we are putting our attention, the thought \ fueled with emotion becomes more focused and will attract like thought (and thought forms) and like a large magnet draws to itself that vibration that you are most focused upon. This is a concept that you must integrate into your understanding of how it works: if your thoughts are projected with feelings of positive emotion, good results will manifest in the form of positive outcomes. Naturally, the opposite is true. If your thought forms are projected with negative emotions, you will attract negative results

Further contemplation on this principal will bring you to the understanding that when you fight against something you do not want, you are attracting an undesirable result into your experience. This holds true as well when you are projecting thoughts charged with negative emotion of judgment rather than maintaining balance with a neutral observer mode.

Law of Conscious (Deliberate) Creation

The Law of Attraction is in effect whether we use it consciously or not. The second law to understand and implement is the “Law of Deliberate Creation.” We can either deliberately choose our thoughts and focus our attention on the ideal reality (goal) or we can by default allow our thoughts to chaotically create the things we manifest due to the limitations of our beliefs. Most often these undirected thoughts are influenced by our own unconscious belief system and quite possibly reinforced by the thought forms floating around in the mass consciousness.

In order to manifest what it is you are seeking, you must wisely and deliberately set up the communication within the Universe to create it. Be a conscious creator in your life, be the cause and the effect of your own reality. Dwell upon beauty, love, unselfishness, and joy when choosing your thoughts to deliberately create the ideals of the life you wish to live within world you are expressing yourself as a co-creator.

Everything that comes before you is created by your mind. Be diligent about what is on your mind. Observe very carefully what is, or is not, on your mind. Take control of your thoughts and emotions within and, thereby, you take control of what manifests in your external reality, the world and within planetary and universal consciousness.

Law of Allowing

(The Law of Attraction and The Law of Deliberate Creation becoming divinely guided in essence brings about the Law (principle) of Allowing. 

Be honest with yourself within the framework of the two preceding principles which are The Law of Attraction and The Law of Conscious (deliberate) Creation. Purposely consider not only what will benefit you but what will benefit others and act accordingly through the Light within; otherwise, through negligence or refusal to see clearly, you may cause pain to others and damage to yourself. Realize this is not a time to be bound by old conditioning, old authority that most of our species (human beings) are programmed.

“Allowing” means that once you this process put into action – thought fueled with emotion – get out of the way and let things unfold according to the Universal principle of “The Law of Allowing” (the outcome divinely guided). The proper action here is to relinquish the need to control and accept fully that it may not be beneficial to attempt self-orchestration of every moment. You must wait patiently while the Intelligence of the Universe synthesizes situations, conditions, and people you meet along the path of your existence. This is what “allows” the Universe to orchestrate details that will bring about the desired outcome sequentially and appropriately for the highest good of all.

The Law of Attraction, The Law of Deliberate Creation and “The Law of Allowing” all work hand-in-hand. These universal principles are not independent, they are in fact interdependent. One flows into the next resulting in the alignment with The Law of Balance and Harmony“.

Adaptability and skillful means of moving beyond the ego’s need to control are the methods to cultivate. Interference of the ego can create static which interferes with the flow.

In simplified terms, once you have set into motion the building blocks for deliberate creation, get out of the way. See the desired outcome but steer clear of trying to move mountains to make it happen. Wait for the Universe to act and remember at the point of allowing we are doing without doing and everything gets done. Patience is indeed a virtue; and in effective interaction with Universe for alignment with divine timing patience is a must!