Wake UP!!!

Because we are bombarded daily with fearful propaganda regarding the present and possibilities for our future along with the financial crises globally, the weather pattern changes globally, earth changes globally, cataclysmic events globally, and natural  disasters globally, many people have become sleeping slaves, they have been brought down to their knees, functioning on survival mode, almost robotic in their activities,  and living the experience of victim consciousness. If this is true for you, WAKE UP!!!! There is a way out. We are empowered to create a new paradigm. With purpose, commitment and action we can restore balance and harmony which will bring about peace within ourselves, the world and within Planetary consciousness itself.

Balance is inevitable.  How it comes about is up to us.

“We each have a role to play.  Examine the relationshiop you share with others on this planet.  This would include all life…plants, minerals, and animals..  Be a positivie influence whereever you go.  You will be a more complete person, you will grow as a soul when you change your beliefs or limitations of your beliefs about other life forms on Earth.  Appreciate their eternalness.  Everything has continuous growth!” Gordon James Gianninoto shares more wisdeom on the audio blogs under the social media page of this website.

On the other hand, if you are awake and have an understanding of how the Universal Principles operate in our lives moment to moment and are living your purpose within the overall primary vibration of love, reach out to others. Share this information and your wisdom keeping in mind, of course, that “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make that horse drink.” Share the information you have found throughout Partnership In Planetary Healing with the light and love of the creator in your heart.