A Mother’s Cry For Help

A Mother’s Cry For Help

Please take care of our Mother

We must not forget our universe is in trauma-shock. Have you noticed the frequency of hurricanes, earthquakes, changes in temperature, acts of worldwide aggression, famine and diseases of epidemic proportions?

Mother Earth is a continual living, breathing organism consciously aware of what is happening. It is time to acknowledge what She is trying to tell us. We are experiencing a Mother’s cry for help.

The Earth is our dominion,
we are the caretakers of this place
The planet, plants, animals and all,
yes, we the human race.
Look what we have done,
what we have done is a disgrace.

Our self-contained planet Earth has a maternal nature toward all interdependent life. This includes creatures that walk, crawl, fly, swim, or grow upon the surface or deep beneath the crust.

The human species is included as a part of the greater whole. Our very survival depends upon our compassion, value for all forms of life, and a willingness to assist in preserving our Mother Earth.

We are at a place of choice.

We can rely on logic by offering Mother Earth the assistance She needs, right now. If we listen we can stem the tide. Let us be wise enough to respond.

We must do all we can to bring our world back into harmonious balance. Remember, we are all co-dependent upon each other for survival.

by:  Renee Coltson 1992

2013 – Over 11 years later, Mother is still calling out to us to respond to her cry.   Have you heard her?  Have you made changes in your overall interaction with her and shifted your consciousness to be a consious consumer for instance?  Recycle more than your throw away?  Recognize as inhabitants of this planet,  we are all global citizens (this includes ALL that live within and upon her — the human race, all species of animals,insects, reptiles fowl and plant life.   Having dominion over this planet does not taking control, it meant we are stewards.


The Earth is our dominion.  We are the caretakers of this place. The planet, plants, animals and all — yes we the human race.  Look what we have done, what we have done is a disgrace.      Wend-En-Eden/Renee Coltson 1988