The Law of Balance and Harmony

Balance is inevitable.

How we get there is our choice;  Look around you.  Life is a hall of mirrors.  What is being reflected back to you from the external to the internal?

Love is the Key.  We all have a role to play.  Examine the relationship you share with others on this planet.  This would include all life — Plants, Minerals, Animals and Human Beings.   Be a positive influence wherever you go.  You will be a more complete person.  You will grow as a soul when you change your beliefs or limitations about other life here on Earth.  Appreciate their eternalness.  Everything has continuous growth!  Implement partnership consciousness with all life.

Balance is inevitable.  It will come one way or the other.


All laws interplay with each other.   When balance is restored, we then, and only then, move beyond this trapped consciousness environment  and evolve into a state of harmonious existence.

Self-Empowerment + Enlightenment

Harmonization of Consciousness =

Global Transformation