Those who carry light and information are becoming more empowered

Those who carry light and information are becoming more empowered. When you are feeling chaotic or are in a state of upset, remember to go into the moment, the ever-expanding now, to discover yourselves and maintain your balance.  This exercise involves the disruption and collapse of the boundaries of frequency control that defined the limitations of the world reality we have been experiencing.    Through balance, we achieve harmony.  This is the direction we are heading by becoming aware and accessing the fuller spectrum of frequencies for healing and evolution now available to break through those barriers and boundaries of  limitations that have suppressed humanity for eons.  The expanded bandwidth of frequencies we are now able to access expand the opportunity to rearrange our perceptions and our concepts.  This shift rearranges our molecules and we can reinterpret  basic beliefs regarding the reality within which we dwell completely changing everything and moving us toward unlimited possibilities.

We are empowered to create a new version of reality in which people express their freedom with respect, harmony and cooperation and in which Earth and each form of life – animal, plant, mineral and human – is valued.   Within this state of being, there will be great harmony, cooperation reciprocity of support, and creativity accompanied by an understanding that we are in partnership with all life and thereby implement the consciousness that we are to love and to be of service to others.