Holiday Wishes for 2014 and Peace on Earth 2015 and beyond

Partnership In Planetary Healing (PIPH)

Let us reflect and remember during this Holiday Season and throughout the new year that many are suffering and do not have the privileges and the joy that many of us throughout the world do. Reach out to help a stranger, praise a child, light a candle, share your love, pray for peace and somehow unconditionally understand beyond your own concepts, ideas and abilities.

Honor all life within, upon and around Planet Earth.

Hug a horse. Caress a cat, Devote yourself to a dog in need. Know that throughout the world that all species are aching for love and support. Be kind to all life.. May we achieve peace on Earth miraculously. Balance is inevitable.  May it come through  Grace and Ease.

With deep love and gratitude, Renee

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